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How to become a Service Provider

Are you looking to expand your services business online? Do you wish to maximize your limited marketing budget and get loyal customers in your area? Well, It’s just a few steps away! Watch the video and learn how to be a Heegus partner!

With Heegus Service Hub as your primary online marketing channel, you will definitely save money on rent and marketing, grow your customer base and spend more quality time delivering awesome services to happy clients!

Easy way to be a Freelancer

Freelancing work, getting extra income and doing what you love best is just so rewarding! But most of the time and if you are just starting your gig, you find it hard to find clients!

At Heegus, setting up your online portfolio for your gig can be done in just a few steps! Joining Heegus is definitely the best move as a freelancer. Go showcase your portfolio, deliver awesome projects and let’s celebrate the gig economy!


how it works


Search and Select

It’s now very convenient to search for much needed home repairs, healthcare, food services and professional services nearby! Just click our Nearby button, filter for your specific service categories and you’ll be able to find your nearby service providers in the map!


Contact/ Book ISP

Once you’ve found and selected your preferred service provider, you can go ahead and book their services, arrange for the delivery and/ or fulfillment of your requirements directly! No need to wait for any quotations – go straight and talk to our dedicated and prompt service providers!


Order Fulfillment and Feedback

All services will be on COD (cash on delivery) and as negotiated with your selected service provider. You’ll also get a chance to write an honest feedback on the quality of service of our service providers. This will allow us to continue improving the delivery of your service requirements nearby!

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